Come with us for our yearly herding journey through Iceland from Ytri Bægisá our farm. We ride to Baugasel Icelandic Turf House in Barkárdalur valley on the first day. Then we ride to Gásir, Akureyri, Kaupvangsbakkar, Hrafnagil, Melgerðismelar, Skjóldalur, Kambsskarð, Þverárdalur, Öxnadalur and back to Hörgárdalur and to Ytri Bægisá where we started. We will be taking a small group of up to 6 tourists for this full week adventure whilst herding  horses through the Icelandic countryside. This is an all inclusive holiday with healthy food supplied each day and a nice group of people to have fun and stay with. 

Day 1.    Arrival

Welcome dinner at our farm Ytri Bægisá, where we will get to know each other and get get detailed description of the tour. There you will be lodged at Guesthouse of Stable Stop that is connected to the main house.  

Day 2.     Ytri Bægisá – Baugasel 

You get to meet the horses of Stable Stop around 10:00 near Illugastaðir. The horses are waiting for us in the paddock by the stable. We saddle up and ride through the breath-taking mountains and valleys to a traditional Icelandic turf house cottage Baugasel. There we will stop for a while and inhale the nature and have lunch by the Turf House. On the way back we see a different angle of the landscape ofHörgárdalur. After the ride there is an opportunity to go for a hike up by the canyon of Bægisá and end the day in a hot tub and sauna at Þelamörk. The Swimming pool is only a five minutes driving distance from the farm.

Riding time and distance: 24 -26 km, 5-6 hrs.

Day 3:     Bægisá – Gásir – Akureyri

We meet in the stables around 10:00 in the morning after breakfast at the farm.  Now we gather the herd and saddle up the horses and ride north towards a unique place named Gásir. It was the main trading post in northern Iceland during the Middle Ages, and the place is mentioned many times in Old Icelandic Sagas from the 13th and 14th centuries. Archaeological digging in the area during the last six years has shown that it was a trading post until the 16th century. At Gásir farm we will have lunch and socialise with the family there. They will then join us for the rest of the trip with their herd of horses. After lunch everyone saddles their horse and we ride to Akureyri, where we leave the horses in a nice pasture of Kaupvangsbakkar by the river Eyjarfjarðará. 

Riding time and distance: 38-40 km, total time of 8-10 hrs.


Day 4.    Akureyri – Melgerðismelar

Today ‘s tour is ridden on a soft trail along the banks of Eyjafjörður river. This will be an unforgettable ride with the herd on the soft trail, in a beautiful landscape. After about twelve km. of riding we will have picnik. The route then leads towards the historical farm Grund in Eyjafjörður and a bit further south in the valley, where we leave the herd at Melgerðismelar.  

Riding time and distance: 22-25 km, 6 -8 hrs.


Day 5.     Melgerðismelar

We ride from Melgerðismelar and explore the scenic surroundings enjoying a 360° mountain view, no herd of horses this time. 

After the ride we drive back to the farm and the horses stay at Melgerðismelar. If anyone needs something from the town it´s no problem to make a stop in Akureyri on the way back home.

After dinner you have an option of going with us to Hauganes a small village (approx. 120 inhabitants) in the centre of Eyjafjordur bay. Hauganes is a charming and peaceful village. We will go down to the beach where we will find three hot tubs with the most beautiful view to the south. Of course, we will dip into the Atlantic Ocean. Something you should not miss during your stay.   

Riding time and distance: 20 km, 4 hrs. 


Day 6.   Melgerðismelar – Skjóldalur – Kambsskarð – Þverárdalur

We leave Melgerðismelar with the herd and ride through an 8 km. long valley of Skjóldalur. After Skjóldalur we cross a mountain canyon of Kambsskarð and we will come down to the valley of Þverárdalur with amazing 360° mountain view. From there we drive home to the farm.

Riding time and distance: 35-36 km, 7 – 9 hrs.


Day 7.   Þverá – Ytri Bægisá

On the last day we choose our best horses and continue along the beautiful valley of Öxnadalur from Þverá where we look up to Hraundrangi a Lava Column a cronical peak in the Drangafjall ridge that divede Öxnadalur from Hörgárdalur. It rises to 1,075 metres or 3,527 ft above sea level, place known for extraordinary natural beauty. The legend the saga hero Grettir the strong supposedly climed Hraundrangi and left his knife and belt on the peak as proof. We will have a lunch break at the roundup of Skjaldastaðir. We cross the small forest of Skjaldastaðir and enter another small forest of Miðhálsaskógur our favorite riding path short distance from our farm Ytri Bægisá.  We finish the circle that day when we bring the horses home to Stable Stop.