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Stable Stop is a family-run company situated in the beautiful Hörgárdalur just 15 min from Akureyri.

We take you on a unique horse riding adventure. At Ytri Bægisá where we enjoy our daily farm life, we have around 120 sheep and about 80 horses. Everyone in the family has a great passion for horse riding and we spend most of our free time riding, training and herding our horses. In the winter, we keep  many of them in our stables and ride from there, and in the summer we spend days and nights herding in the mountains and valleys around us. We enjoy the free spirit of the Icelandic horse and try to preserve their good temperament while training and riding them, and most importantly keeping them healthy and happy. We sincerely hope we can offer you a taste of our passion for the Icelandic horse and nature. Our knowledge is at your disposal. Join us on one of our riding trips, and we will bring you an exceptional equestrian adventure. Discover part of North East Iceland on horseback!

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ytri Bægisá 


Here is a small glance at our most popular riding tours. We run seasonal horse riding tours across Northern Iceland but can customize to your requirements.

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Explore the Icelandic meadows set under the dramatic northern Iceland mountain ranges. This riding tour is perfect for all experience levels from beginners to experts. This is our shortest tour at 1hour.


Our most popular riding tour at 1 1/2 hours in length. This is a perfect opportunity for learning to tölt your Icelandic horse, a special gait that the Icelandic horses know. This tour is perfect for all experience levels from beginners to experts.


For those wanting an authentic Icelandic experience our 1 day tour is one of our most popular. Spend the entire day with us learning to tölt on your horse and enjoy the stunning Icelandic mountain side, not to mention some Icelandic delicacies.

We can offer custom and multi day trips on request. Please get in touch for more information.

a look into the life of the stable stop family

The Stable Stop family spans three generations of riders, all waiting to welcome you to their home and horses.

With 3 generations of Icelandic horse mastering in our family you could very easily say it is in our blood. We feel at home in the mountains with our horses and the sometimes exhausting day to day life it demands of us. We love passing on our knowledge, not only about the horses but farming life in general in Iceland, so please ask us as many questions as your mind creates.

View our gallery below to get a first insight into our lives but for the real experience we would love for you to come see it personally.




This is available when booked beforehand. We can arrange a pick-up from anywhere in downtown Akureyri or Akureyri airport.
Price = €15 per person. If you are arriving on your own we ask you to be at our stable 15 minutes before the tour.


We will choose a horse for you depending on your riding experience. Please tell us your horse riding experience as accurately as possible so we can ensure you have the most enjoyable experience possible.


Icelandic horses are some of the strongest in the world however they are a smaller breed of horse and we have a strict weight limit of 110kg / 240lbs.


We recommend boots or any kind of close-toed shoe with laces. Long pants / jeans, the tighter the more comfortable you will be on longer rides. Gloves are highly recommended and layers of clothing you can take off or put on if you get too cold or hot.


Riding helmet, rain wear and jackets are provided if the weather demands it. We also offer complimentary coffee, hot chocolate or tea.


The age limit on most of the tours is 6 years old. Children under the age of 12 years will be lead on a horse by a guide depending on their riding experience.


Well trained and highly motivated riders will make your stay at the farm a safe and enjoyable experience.

anna maria malmquist

The Stable Stop Matriarch 

Þórgnýr Jónsson

The Fearless Rider

Halldor lind guðmundsson

The Grounded Rider

Kristín Halldórsdóttir

The Calm Rider

kolbrún lind malmquist

The Dimpled Rider

melkorka myrra

The Future Rider

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